AZ 135
Levelling mortar
class M 20 / type G, CT-C20-F6

For local levelling of substrates before sticking ceramic and stone claddings, thermal insulation boards in thermal insulation systems, making traditional and thin layer plasters, underfloors and screeds, laying waterproofing, applying filler as well as finish coat (cement, gypsum and acrylic ones) and also for profiling slopes, making pressure layers and plaster coves. Joint thickness should not exceed 50 mm. Can be used for patching small damages in concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry structures, mineral plasters and for repairing cement underlay and floors. Allows to proceed to further work quickly. Intended for interior and exterior use. Frost resistant.


Single: 25 kg bag / Collective: 1200 kg shrink-wrapped pallet

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Net price EUR
1 kg
25 kg bag