Prizes and awards
The EU Standard Project serves the purpose of rewarding entities, representing different regions of the country, which, according to the contest's authors, are the most proficient in maintaining international standards for production, services, investment, attitude towards employees and the general organizational culture ... more wiecej
The Management of Staropolska Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Jury of NOVATOR Competition have awarded the title of NOVATOR 2007 to ALPOL GIPS ... more wiecej
ALPOL AG S 17 flexible gypsum putty has received distinction in the category “Surface treatment products” ... more wiecej
“Laur Konsumenta” is the largest consumer programme in Poland that helps select the most popular products and brands in almost 300 categories. The research is aimed at determining the level of common popularity of products and services, and above all, brand knowledge and the basic opinions about the brand. ... more wiecej
ALPOL AK 513 flexible tile adhesive was distinguished for its high quality and good adhesive characteristics. ... more wiecej
The “Skrzydła” award chapter consisting of the representatives of the largest economic organisations in the region awarded ALPOL GIPS in the Product of the Year category for ALPOL HYDRO PLUS Hydro-Insulation System. ... more wiecej
ACANTHUS AUREUS is an award granted by fair organisers to distinguish the exhibition space with architecture supporting the exhibitor’s marketing objectives and facilitating contact with the customers. ... more wiecej
GOLD MEDALS of the Poznań International Fair BUDMA 2001 (for ALPOL AZ 115 mortar) and BUDMA 2006 (for ALPOL AT 304 mortar) ... more wiecej
ZŁOTE SKRZYDŁA 2005 is the Economic Award of the “SŁOWO” newspaper granted to distinguish companies that promote the Land of Kielce and Świętokrzyskie province with their economic achievements. ... more wiecej
The certificate of awarding the “MARKA KONECKA” title and “KOŁO WODNE” [water wheel] statuette constitute a prestigious award granted by the Board of the Konecki Poviat to the best companies of the region as a form of gratitude for creating workplaces and promoting the Land of Końskie. ... more wiecej
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