Prizes and awards
Nasze Dobre Świętokrzyskie
“Nasze Dobre Świętokrzyskie Award”, bestowed in a prestigious contest, held by Echo Dnia for local products and services, was awarded for the first time on 16 October, 2008. It was awarded to ALPOL GIPS for an innovative clinker masonry system.
The contest participants are the companies that operate in the region and deliver high quality products and services. The contest is intended to show and promote products delivered by local companies. It is also aimed at promoting high quality popular products that set a good example to follow. The company bestowed with “Nasze Dobre Świętokrzyskie Quality Label” was selected by a jury designated by Echo Dnia. The jury included officials, quality assurance specialists, marketing specialists and media representatives.

The award winners are entitled to use Echo Dnia’s Nasze Dobre Świętokrzyskie Quality Label.