Our company – a patron of sport
Through its activity, ZSChiM "Piotrowice II" is striving to implement the idea of socially responsible entrepreneurship, considering the influence on entities and social groups that surround us, as well as the natural and cultural environment. We support pro-social attitudes and schemes, activity and active leisure. For many years, we have been involved in activities that promote sports and physical culture, both on the professional and amateur levels.
ALPOL sponsored the first games of VIVE TARGI KIELCE in the Polish Handball Championship finals.
ALPOL GIPS actively participates in all endeavours aimed at promoting the region. ALPOL GIPS sponsors NEPTUN Końskie, a third-league football club, and thus provides support for local athletes representing the town
The key sports enterprise sponsored by ALPOL GIPS is football. The company is holding the title of the “Honorowy Srebrny Sponsor” of the Kolporter Korona Kielce sports club. Since 2006 spring season, it has been actively supporting the club’s activities and the players in Orange Ekstraklasa, Puchar Polski and Puchar Ekstraklasy tournaments. Crowds of fans meet at every game of the Kielce team, among them are our employees and clients who enjoy the wonderful sports atmosphere at one of the most beautiful sports grounds in Poland: the Korona Kielce stadium.
Moreover, ALPOL GIPS also supports the activities of Stowarzyszenie Sportowe Konecka Liga Firm that has been functioning since 2006 in Końskie, a town located in the neighbourhood of the Company's plant. The fact that ALPOL GIPS is supporting and promoting initiatives and activities that facilitate the development of sport in the region was proved by creating the ALPOL team that takes part in football tournaments.
In 2006, ALPOL GIPS also sponsored the Polish Volleyball League tournaments, supporting one of the top teams of volleyball first division. Sponsoring this discipline is undoubtedly a new activity to our company, and the level of sports emotions that accompany volleyball tournaments in Poland is unprecedented in the whole world.