AF 680
Nanosilicon façade paint

For making decorative and protective façade paint coatings on any sound mineral and organic substrates, both on new and renovated surfaces. Recommended for painting ancient buildings and as a finish coat on mineral plaster in ALPOL EKO PLUS EPS board-based and ALPOL EKO PLUS WM mineral wool-based thermal insulation systems. Forms a durable and flexible mat coat of great resistance to dirt and negative weather conditions (precipitation, sunlight, extreme temperatures and weathering.) High vapour permeability, hydrophobicity and the effect of contamination reduction by repelling water molecules considerably enhance the surface finish. Available colours according to ALPOR COLOR chart.


Product is a component of thermal insulation systems ALPOL EKO PLUS and ALPOL EKO PLUS WM.


Single: 5 l bucket / Collective: 270 l shrink-wrapped pallet
Single: 10 l bucket / Collective: 330 l shrink-wrapped pallet

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Net price EUR
1 l
Bucket 5 l
Bucket 10 l

* Product prices in the I colour group as per ALPOL COLOR chart. Product prices are higher by 10% for the 2nd group and 30% for the 3rd group. Prices for the 4th colour group are listed in a table at the end of the price list.