AK 515
Tile adhesive DEFORMABLE S1
class C2TES1

For bonding of ceramic tiles (porcelain, glazed, terracotta, stoneware, clinker tiles), stone (insensitive to discolouration), concrete, cement, ceramic mosaic (excluding glass transparent and discolouring/dyeing-sensitive mosaics), as well as other tiles of different sizes, including large format tiles. For use on standard (non-deformable) as well as critical surfaces (deformable, heated, terraces and balconies, internal and external stairs, building façades) and other heavily used and heavily loaded areas. The adhesive contains polymer fibres which, based on the principle of evenly distributed reinforcement, strengthen its structure and improve its properties (increased flexibility and bending strength, reduced shrinkage). In case of fixing stone cladding, it is necessary to test material resistance to discolouration each time. Intended for interior and exterior use.


Product is a Component of waterproofing system ALPOL HYDRO PLUS.


Single: 25 kg bag / Collective: 1200 kg shrink-wrapped pallet

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