AK 520
Gelosil elastic gel adhesive
class C2TE

Capable of accumulating water, the gel adhesive can be used for bonding claddings with different water absorption. It can be used to fix porcelain, glazed, terracotta, cement, stone (except for marble), stoneware, clinker and other tiles with different water absorption and size, including large tiles. The unique combination of specially modified minerals (including reactive silica) and additives makes the working mix highly adjustable while still maintaining the appropriate parameters and ease of application. Depending on the amount of mixing water and layer thickness, it can be used as a thixotropic adhesive for slip-free bonding of claddings on vertical surfaces or as a liquefied adhesive that eliminates air voids under the tiles and increases the contact surface on horizontal surfaces. It allows simultaneous substrate levelling with a coat thickness between 2 and 15 mm and fixing tiles. It can be used on non-deformed as well on critical substrates, such as terraces and balconies, heated or heavy-traffic surfaces, in schools, public buildings, shopping malls, train stations, public areas exposed to moisture (e.g. bathrooms, showers, kitchens, laundries). In case of fixing stone cladding, it is necessary each time to test material resistance to discolouration each time. Intended for interior and exterior use.

Product is a Component of waterproofing system ALPOL HYDRO PLUS and ALPOL HYDRO PLUS T.


5 years for certified contractors.


Single: 25 kg bag / Collective: 1200 kg shrink-wrapped pallet

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