AK 518
Highly flexible clinker nano-adhesive
class C2TS1

For fixing façade fittings and clinker tiles as well as any other ceramic cladding, natural and artificial stone slabs (except for marble ones) to any vertical and horizontal substrates, including the critical ones (deformable and heated substrates, terraces, balconies etc.). With its unique composition and utilisation of nano-additives, the product is highly resistant to salt efflorescence. The nano-adhesive is a component of the clinker bonding system containing nano-mortars and nano-grouts. In case of fixing stone claddings, it is necessary to test each time their resistance to discolouration. Intended for interior and exterior use.


Single: 25 kg bag / Collective: 1200 kg shrink-wrapped pallet

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Net price EUR
1 kg
25 kg bag