AK 519
Elastic glass mosaic adhesive
class C2FT

For bonding any types of glass and ceramic mosaic tiles (laminated, metallised, porcelain, polished, glazed and non-glazed), stone mosaic, glass tiles, various kinds of porcelain, glazed, terracotta, stone (including marble), vitrified, clinker and other tiles with low water absorption. Recommended for use on standard (non-deformable), horizontal and vertical surfaces and on critical substrates (deformable and heated). It can be used in areas with occasional exposure to moisture. When using the adhesive for fixing laminated, metallised or stone mosaic tiles it is necessary to test each time their resistance to discolouration. Intended for interior and exterior use.

 Product is a Component of waterproofing system ALPOL HYDRO PLUS.

Single: 5 kg small bucket/ Collective: 20 kg packages

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