AK 510
class C1T

For bonding glazed, terracotta and stoneware tiles inside and outside buildings. Recommended for use on standard (non-deformable) substrates. Do not use on critical substrates (deformable, exposed to sunlight, in heating systems) or for levelling surfaces. The adhesive contains cellulose fibres which improve mortar properties (stress transfer and viscosity), thicken its structure and prevent excessive water extraction from the product, which ensures correct bonding.

Examples of work sites
Places with low operating loads in residential buildings, public buildings, commercial and service facilities, health care, offices, schools, etc. Dry places and places exposed to water and moisture inside buildings (e.g. bathrooms, showers, kitchens) and outside (plinths, walkways, arcades and gates).


Single: 25 kg bag / Collective: 1200 kg shrink-wrapped pallet

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Net price EUR
1 kg
25 kg bag