AT 307
Lime finish coat
type GP, W0, cat. CS I

For application of finish coats on 1 to 3 mm thick lime, cement-lime and cement plaster, and on concrete substrates. Recommended both for dry and moist areas. Excellent for refreshment of old and stable plasterwork. Requires no initial priming. For wet manual trowelling, with no need of sanding. Provides an excellent underlay for paints or wallpapers. With its fungus-resistant properties, especially recommended for demanding sanitary areas. Both for hand and machine application. Especially recommended for application with the use of hydrodynamic units. Intended for interior use. Granularity up to 0.25 mm.


Single: 20 kg bag / Collective: 960 kg shrink-wrapped pallet

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Net price EUR
1 kg
20 kg bag