AG 706
Primer for silicate plasters

For creating a rough and enhancing adhesive properties, white or coloured underlayment on any building substrates, for priming silicate and silicate-silicone plasters, and for reducing and optimisation of substrate absorption. For internal and external use (e.g. for ALPOL EKO PLUS EPS board-based thermal insulation systems or ALPOL EKO PLUS WM mineral wool-based thermal insulation systems.)


Product is a component of thermal insulation systems ALPOL EKO PLUS and ALPOL EKO PLUS WM.


Single: 13 kg bucket / Collective: 429 kg shrink-wrapped pallet

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Net price EUR
1 kg
Bucket 13 kg

** White product prices. Coloured product prices acc. to ALPOL COLOR chart are higher by 10% (1st group), 20% (2nd group) and 40% (3rd group). Prices for the 4th colour group are given in a table at the end of the price list.