AG 705
Primer for acrylic plasters

For creating a rough and enhancing adhesive properties, white or coloured underlayment on any building substrates for priming acrylic and mosaic plasters as well as for reducing and optimizing substrate absorption. For internal and external use (e.g. for ALPOL EKO PLUS EPS board-based thermal insulation system.) The primer can also be used to prime mineral plasters.


Product is a component of thermal insulation system ALPOL EKO PLUS.


Single: 5 kg bucket / Collective: 450 kg shrink-wrapped pallet
Single: 13 kg bucket / Collective: 429 kg shrink-wrapped pallet

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Net price EUR
1 kg
Bucket 5 kg
Bucket 13 kg

** White product prices. Coloured product prices acc. to ALPOL COLOR chart are higher by 10% (1st group), 20% (2nd group) and 40% (3rd group). Prices for the 4th colour group are given in a table at the end of the price list.