At least after three hours from application of the last waterproofing layer. Note, however, that the specifications and instructions for use given on the package or in the data sheet, are valid for the temperature of (23±2) °C and relative air humidity of (65±5)%. The drying time may alter in different climate. The ALPOL AH 751 waterproofing membrane is a ready-to-use single component semi-liquid sealing compound. Apply at least two coats of the compound. Each time apply the next coat after the previous one is dry, i.e. after around 3 hours. Each coat should dry all over its entire area. Ceramic cladding can be bonded directly to dry waterproofing coat. ALPOL AK 516 quick-setting liquefied thin-layer, ALPOL AK 517 quick-setting liquefied medium-layer, ALPOL AK 512 porcelain tile quick-setting or ALPOL AK 513 flexible tile adhesives are recommended for floors. ALPOL AK 511, ALPOL AK 514 or ALPOL AK 515 adhesives, depending on cladding type, can be used as well.

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