Always read the instructions on a package or in the product data sheet before using any ALPOL product for waterproofing. Under-tile waterproofing can be applied on cement, lime-cement plasters, gypsum boards, walls of concrete, silicate bricks, gypsum blocks and cellular concrete with narrow joint, as well as properly seasoned concrete, cement and anhydrite floors.

All of these substrates must be sound, free from dirt and substances which may impair adhesion. New plaster work and concrete should be set and seasoned. Old, loose and peeling material of poor adhesion should be removed. Existing or resultant damages and irregularities should be patched with ALPOL AZ 130 quick setting mortar or ALPOL AZ 135 levelling mortar. At least 3 hours prior to the application of ALPOL AH 751 waterproofing membrane, treat the surface with ALPOL AG 707 silicate-polymer primer. Cover existing expansion gaps with ALPOL sealing tape embedded in the membrane. Insulated room corners, at the contact points between walls and walls and floor, which are particularly exposed to stress, should be strengthened with tapes and ALPOL corner beads with their edges embedded in ALPOL AH 751 membrane. Floor drains and pipe penetrations should be sealed with appropriate ALPOL sealing sleeves, with their edges also embedded in ALPOL AH 751 membrane.

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